When it comes to your safety or that of your loved one, there can be no compromise. The most interactive and engaging novice driver training program on the market today, the Drivewise SafeStart Program is designed to prevent collisions and build confidence.

“They have the best in-car instructors. I am definitely going to be referring Drivewise to my family and friends. Thank you Drivewise!”

SAFE START Program Includes:

  • 20 hours of interactive and engaging in class training
  • 10 hours of private one-on-one in-car training
  • 10 hours of Homelink online learning

Includes defensive driving manoeuvres: gravel shoulder recovery, head on avoidance, and S-approach intersections

  • Certification with the MTO. ​

$699.00 plus HST

 Cash, Cheque & e-Transfer accepted

In-Class Training

The Safe Start program is one of the most advanced curriculums in the country. Students use remote clickers to answer questions both cooperatively and individually. This state-of-the-art program uses knowledge-based questions and quizzes that are disguised as games, keeping the learning fun and interesting. This modern learning program updates the in-class instructor with each and every student’s marks in real-time. If there are any issues, the instructor will receive a notification and can discuss it with the student privately.

“I like the Bravo learning games and answering the questions using the clickers. My in-class instructor was funny and nice. The classroom was clean and comfortable.”

Homelink: Online Training

Homelink is designed to further reinforce the theories learned in the classroom. This independent studying can be completed at the student’s own pace. Homelink gives the student their scores in real-time and allows them to retake any quiz. Homelink not only works as a refresher to what was learned in the classroom but also assists students to further develop independent thought when it comes to making important decisions while behind the wheel. 

“The online portion of the course was simple and very effective!”

In-Car Training

Once the classroom portion is complete, students are assigned a driving instructor of their choosing. Personalized in-vehicle lessons are created to expand the student’s knowledge. Our instructors’ top priority is preparing each and every student for a lifetime of safe driving. Students and parents can feel confident while training in-car. Drivewise instructors have decades of instructional experience. We are proud that our students are being trained by some of the most qualified instructors in the country. Drivewise vehicles are all maintained to the highest level and kept in safe, sanitary condition.

“My in-car driving instructor was excellent. She was very thorough when explaining rules of the road, she was also very calm and encouraging. She scheduled my lessons in a way that accommodated my schedule.”

Our Instructors

Drivewise Brantford has the best driving instructors in the industry. Our in-car instructors hold some of the highest teaching credentials available. They continually work on upgrading and re-evaluating their skills. All of our students receive one on one hands-on, individualized attention; they are never placed in a car with other students. It is our belief that every student should feel supported, valued and listened to. We will never push a student into a state where they are afraid and we acknowledge that everyone learns differently! Whether you are a fairly seasoned new driver or one who has never sat in the driver’s seat before, you can be sure that your experience will be a positive one.

Drivewise is a leader in Defensive Driver Training
Drivewise has provided Defensive Driver Training for Union Gas, Fed-Ex, Staples, Stantec, and Cargill.

MTO-Approved BDE Course Provider:
The SafeStart™ program is an approved beginner driver education course in the provinces of Ontario, New Brunswick and British Columbia.